Increase Yields

Stop Erosion


“The “tail water” run-off is clean coming from the treated land”


“The crops improved tremendously”


“The ground accepted water better and also retained moisture longer”


“The bugs disappeared!”

Alfalfa Grower, USA


"Greenhouse grown breadfruit treated with polymer, resulted in approximately 50% increase in number of product and an increase in weight by about 36 %."


Greenhouse, ITALY

Sand reclamation, placer mine, Colorado

Post Fire erosion control, aerial Rescaype application

Polyacrylamide (PAM)

Polyacrylamide (PAM) has proven positive effects as a soil stabilizer but has always been expensive and hard to install. Finally, the RESCAYPE Polyacrylamide products offer soil stabilization along with added benefits of reduced irrigation and reduction of fertilizer with an increase in crop yield and quality.

Is it Safe?

Polyacrylamide (PAM) is not toxic to aquatic organisms. The polymer is far too large to be absorbed! No potential to bio-accumulate, soluble in water. Degrades at least 10% year and becomes bio-available and bio-mineralized.

RESCAYPE has proven yield increase(s) 20%+, providing added benefits of flocculating top soil, keeping both nutrients and clay particles around the plant roots, eliminating run-off and dust pollution of, minimizing soil compaction, and lower water evaporation to the atmosphere. This is very important; water vapor is the most significant "green house gas" and we are also depleting our sources of quality ground water for irrigation.

Today PAM products from various suppliers require upwards of 350 pounds per acres for in-season effects.

RESCAYPE is cost efficient as it shows immediate effects, with as little as 5 pounds per acre. With RESCAYPE there are significant savings of both fertilizers and water usage yet offer increased yield and quality of the crops.



Presently worldwide, soil is being depleted and lost at record rates. Some scientists estimate that we today have half the soil quality compared with 1950. Luckily science has - so far - been able to off-set this degredation with improvements in plants and excessive use of fertilizers. However the clock for safe environmental solutions is ticking and the present system might even collapse in our life time!


Current agricultural practices require vast amounts of high nitrogen fertilizers that are not any more effectively absorbed by plants. Soil conditions dictate the plants ability to effectively absorb nutrients. As soil conditions decline plant health is jeopardized which create conditions that also allow attacks from insects, fungus, and blight.

Dry RESCAYPE applied with blower back-pack.

Soil conditions - healthy roots for good plant life!


Many different kinds of tragedies happen in our landscape. Some of these are caused by human actions while others are acts of nature itself. Either way; it’s important to act quickly to restore the landscape. It has been proven that Rescaype Soil Reclamation is a quick and excellent way to restore damaged landscapes.

In 2002 after a very hot wildfire in Colorado, Rescaype was applied to prevent soil erosion of the bare land. The aerial spread of Rescaype in a high concentrated solution proved the workings of the concept.




A complete application system of polymer can be applied to stop natural erosion and keep rivers and oceans cleaner. Environmental savings include reduced water usage (conserving rivers and groundwater), less agricultural chemicals used because less is leached. This means fewer chemicals reaching streams, rivers, and coastal regions. By keeping top soils where they are we will prevent sedimentation of streams and rivers and ultimately save aquatic life in coastal zones and reefs.



  • Provide significant erosion control and minimize run- off/blow away of valuable natural minerals while reducing natural evaporation.
  • Reduce fertilizer requirements up to 40% without effecting crop yield or quality.
  • Increase drought tolerance and reduce irrigation requirements by up to 50%.
  • Minimize the need for pesticides; healthier plants have better resistance to attacks by pests.
  • Increase the rate of germination and greatly increase the survival of young plants.
  • Promote development of deeper root systems and support root/fungi symbiosis.
  • Increase yield and improve quality (e.g., plant structure, nutrient value, and flavor).
  • Facilitate growing crops on marginal land and under marginal conditions.
  • Minimize wind erosion and provide excellent dust control.
  • Improve heavy clay soil conditions. The soil particles become water stable and surface crusting is diminished when soil dries after watering. Additional surface moisture is able to penetrate down instead of running off.


Starter fertilizer

Many crops use “starter fertilizer” applied near the seed rows. The addition of 1% or less polymers into UAN32 liquid fertilizer or 2% in the equivalent of SAMS could be highly valuable. The same UAN with polymers can be applied in drip irrigation for many crops. A complete farm applicstion system of polymers can be applied to stop erosion, keep soil nutrients where they are needed, and keep rivers and oceans cleaner.

Seed Coating

The Rescaype coating technology can add crop protection compounds, biologicals, nutrients and other additives that protect while the Rescaype boost germination and secure healthy vigorous growth of the young seedling.

Simple experiments with grass seeds demonstrate that coated seeds germinate several days faster and have a higher survival rate than a similar group of untreated seeds.