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UK Home Planter Test - Wild Flowers

Sardinia Field test - Wheat

Durham Wheat 2016-2017

Location Sardinia

14 week test period. Noted Increase in Crop Growth.

June 2018


This video is a 50 day review of Wild Flowers planted as seed and the resulting gernmination through flowering is seen.


In a planter, on 4th floor balcony facing the English Channel.

On one side of the planter (left) the four year old soil was treated with Rescaype and the other side (right) was not. Before application all soil showed same moisture and pH balance.


Rescaype treated soil flowered earlier and stronger than non-treated and showed higher moisture retention and more positive pH balance.



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March 2017

Wheat test shows excellent results


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ITALY Greenhouse Tests - Multiple vegetable crops

Vegetables Italy 2016-2017

Tomatoes 6 week test period. Multiple vegetables and seed tests.

Noted Increase in germination rates, growth rate, output volume, output quality and organoleptic characters.


Mar 2017



Green Pepper



Basil Seed germination