News Headline: MIBA Solutions AB wholesaler

Date: Oct 2018

Location:Gothenburg, SWEDEN

The brand Rescaype™ is now marketed by MIBA Solutions AB. The Swedish based company MIBA Solutions AB is wholesaler and retailer of all Rescaype™ products over the world. MIBA Solutions is a part of MIBA Group. MIBA Group is dedicated to bringing exciting new green technology to market.

News Headline: Rescaype Nutrients Video

Date: June 2017

Location: Nebraska, USA

Rescaype LLC has released its first in a series of educational video animations. In an effort to simplify the complex process that takes place in the soil with plant roots, soil and nurients. The video shows how Rescaype acts positively with nutrient exchange of Anions and Cations and flocculation of soil.

KNOP News 2 Headline: Sutherland Facility Unveiled

Date: Feb 13 2017

Location: Nebraska, USA

SUTHERLAND, Neb. -- In as soon as two weeks, a facility in Sutherland will be making a product that could help farmers. The people behind the project say that their soil additive could help grow crops, protect the environment, and be more cost efficient for agriculture producers.....


More: Video & Article Here.

News Headline: Rescaype Plant Under Construction

Date: March 2017

Location: Nebraska, USA

Rescaype LLC announced that it is officially underway with designs and planning for the building of the first Rescaype production facility in the American Midwest. The company is actively seeking local farmers for test opportunities and partners for distribution for the fall of 2017. The company has first run - product and plans to begin full time production in Q3 2017. Presently taking pre-orders.

News Headline: Durham wheat test, first results positive.

Date: March 2017

Location: Sardinia

In the video below you will see a side-by-side comparrison result from a wheat field partially (1 ha) treated with Rescaype.

Treated plants show notable increase in germination and plant survival as well as size after 14 weeks.

This on-going study will continue and next report is scheduled for May 2017. Contact us to stay updated.

Sardinia has banned irrigation and therefore both plots receives only natural rainfall. So far (March 2017) it has been very dry.

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