Q.     Is Rescaype taken up by plant roots like a fertiliser?

Simply, No. Rescaype®️ is only restructuring the soil. The m-PAM relationship with plants is only in the passing of collected nutrients and moisture to the plant's xylem roots. Rescaype is great at saving nitrates from diffuse pollution and re-structuring soil with increased aeration and water penetration.

Q.     What makes it different to other soil polymer conditioners/surfactants?

We guarantee a food-grade material.

It is a longer chain of molecules so acts better than the short-chain surfactants which do not release water as easily and are not easily broken down by natural process.

It lasts much longer than surfactants which have to be topped up throughout the season.

It is very evenly micronised assuring same settings everytime on your spreader.

It easily and fast dissolves in water for spray application.

Q.      Is it toxic? and bio degradable?

          Polyacrylamide in Rescaype®️ form is a long-chain, co-polymer and is deemed non toxic. US FDA approved as GRAS,     

          Generally Recognized As Safe it is approved food processing agent grade.

          Long term studies show that the product is bio-degradable and safe for aquatic life.

Q.      What about sustainability?

          Rescaype®️ has a longer lifetime action in the soil, meaning by average you do not have to replace it annually just top-ups                    depending on your soil type and issues.


Q.      How much is usually used.

           Rescaype®️ in its liquid or powder form is recommended to be applied at 8-20 Kg per hectare depending on the soil and use.


Q.      How can I get some Rescaype?

           Please contact us using the form below.



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