Rescaype Powder

Large, Medium and Small particle sizes

Our unique powders are based on our new proprietary form of micronisation, that liberates particles down to 50 microns. 

This allows us to provide different sizes for dry powder-hopper and air-spreading as well as ultra-fine/small powders suitable for water soluble spray, drip irrigation as well as seed coating applications.

Rescaype Liquid

Our liquid formulation is a non-activated 8% polymer content suspension in ammonium sulfate.

The material can be both diluted in irrigation or sprayed via boom sprayers .


Rescaype has been applied across a variety of soils.

Applied in greenhouses and open fields: USA, Italy, England, Belize, Morocco, Bolivia, Peru, Chile, Australia

Trials showed succesful growth increase and plant strengths in a variety of crops and plants

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Yield Increase 55%

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