About Us

Cost of Soil Erosion

Every Year

It takes the planet

To make 3cm of topsoil

Rescaype® is



Facts & Figures

Below some examples of trials conducted over a number of years using Rescaype®

USA - Soyabean

67% Yield increase on non-irragated land!

Bolivia - Corn

15% yield increase

Sardinia - Wheat

A comparison between treated and non-treated wheat, 14 days after seeding.

Our Mission

Our mission is quite clear. We want to provide future generations with abundant, unspoiled land, where plants have a greater chance to grow and flourish. Where the world’s waterways and coastal regions are re-stored to produce more aquatic life.

We believe there comes a time in everyone’s life when we ask some greater questions. What we are doing here? Is there a greater purpose? How can we become better?

Basically, there are two ways to go; the same way, or a new way.

We have walked the same path for too long.
Now it’s time to try a new path.

Rescaype® provides optimal access to water and nutrients.

This provides the soil quality necessary for larger yields and stronger crops.

The Earth’s soils supply us with food, building materials and fuel. It is our key source for all ground-based vegetation, but at the current rate of decline and yield, it is a rapidly reducing resource.

As early as 2003 we recognised that there would be a need to provide farmers and land managers with education, guidance and the tools necessary to physically improve their soil quality.

If we could help to achieve that, we imagined a world where growers in any environment, with nutrient poor earth, can grow crops successfully with a lesser need for irrigation and fertilisation.



In 2019 the company started.

We now have achieved the means to deliver upon our dream – with Rescaype®

Rescaype® technology is based on over 75 years of global research. It is an established concept with proven positive results in recent applications showing consistent positive growth of roots and increased plant yields.

Rescaype® helps retain soil moisture and promotes efficient nutrient exchange.  The nutrition remains close to the root system, minimising leakage to groundwater, lakes and coastal regions.

It keeps the soil porous, and therefore less cracking during droughts.
Rescaype® creates space for water and oxygen to penetrate the soil resulting in more efficient use of water, providing greater yields and increased quality crops.

Rescaype® naturally becomes a part of and a facilitator in the soil.