Securing soil and water for future generations

Less Fertiliser, Less Water, More Crops
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Loosens the soil

retains water

Optimises  nutrients

Rescaype®: Sustainable Soil Solution

A new and exciting (100% biodegradable) technology, which repairs soil quality; resulting in larger yields, stronger crops and a reduced need for irrigation, pesticides or fertilisation.
Rescaype® has multiple uses, from small hobbyists to large agricultural industry applications:

It is deal for: Agriculture, Nurseries, Parks & Facilities, Horticulture, Hobby Gardeners

Why do we need Rescaype®?

Our world is experiencing rapid climate change, massive population growth, overuse of harmful chemicals  resulting in the destruction of our coastal regions and waterways. If this does not change, future generations will not to be able to feed themselves.

A recent JRC study (2019) finds that soil erosion by water costs the world economy about US $8,000,000,000 (eight billion) a year. This lost soil reduces global agri-food production by 33.7 million tons. For this very reason, the idea for Rescaype® was borne.

Currently soils are not producing crops without famers needing to over burden the land with chemicals. Each year we compensate for soil degradation by adding more fertiliser. This is simply not sustainable in the longer term.

To continue to provide food sources from our rapidly depleting land across the world, we need to:

  • Lower the amount of fertiliser we add to the soil
  • Protect waterways from harmful chemicals
  • Revitalise the soil by retaining soil particles
  • Adjust and deal with floods, droughts and climate change stresses
  • Preserve and restore the land for future generations
  • Proven results for increased yield
  • Proven reduction in irrigation
  • Proven reduction in salinity
  • Reduction in compaction – aerates soil
  • Every growing sector can benefit from Rescaype®
  • Small amounts required
  • Multi-year lifecycle
  • High value ROI

How Can Using Rescaype® Help?

Rescaype® will manage nutrients given by fertiliser, not letting these into our waterways and coastal regions. It will attach to the smallest particles of soil and congolmerate them together in bigger particles to prevent wind and water erosion. Rescaype® will hold on to the moisture in the soil, helping if there is a drought, and minimising plant stress caused by temperature and precipitation.

Rescaype® twists and turns and moves within the soil, opening it up to allow roots to grow longer and deeper, reaching new nutrients. It will support an active Mycelium; microbes and worms are attracted to further open the ground around the plant roots to find more nutrients and moisture.

The ground can now rapidly take on more water during rainfalls and the additional water and nutrients delivered to the growing roots, lead to healthier plants and an increased yield to feed the population.

We need distributors

You too can be a part of how we change our planet and make a better world for our children.

You can directly inspire growers, farmers, horticulturists to lower the amount of fertiliser they add to the soil. You can help them revitalise their soil and preserve their land.

Becoming a distributor with Rescaype® is not only a business, it’s a journey which can create you income, but it’s also a decision to work for the greater good.

Contact us for more information on becoming a distributor.

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