It doesn’t matter what you grow and whether you grow it in or out of pots.  Flowers, trees, bushes in pots or in land; horticulturists using Rescaype® have seen incredible results.

This is due to the process where essential nutrients and moisture are stored and made readily available to the plant’s root system as needed and required. The use of Rescaype® will help to make the soil of a texture that will readily break into little pieces under pressure, not only increasing the strength and capacity of the roots but of course promoting stronger roots which will help in reducing shock after transplantation.

Rescapye® will provide access to nutrients and water, which promotes maximum growth rate and plants will mature earlier and stronger.

Just a small amount of Rescaype® mixed into a pot will increase the flower size and quality quite dramatically. The increased moisture and nutrients transferred to the roots, whether in the ground or in pots will bring efficiency and harmony to your plants’ growth cycle.

Primary functions

  • Increase soil tilth
  • Increase aeration
  • Increase soil porosity
  • Reduce soil compaction after watering and precipitation
  • Reduce dust and soil run off
  • Prevent fertiliser leakage to ground and waterways

Secondary functions

  • Increase plant vigour and colour
  • Greater rooting depth and volume
  • Increase germination ratios
  • Decrease watering requirements
  • Reduction in diseases and usage of pesticides
  • Reduction in fertiliser
  • Reduction in maintenance expenses
  • Desalinate the top-soil

Decrease water requirements

Rescaype® will gently attract and hold water, and allow moisture to penetrate and reach deeper much quicker than untreated soil. This effectively means plants will grow with bigger roots which give increased strength, hold more water and create substantially stronger and healthier plants.

At Rescaype® we endeavor to help horticulturists and plant growers to achieve results that reduce the need for additional fertilisers. Plants grown using Rescaype® will absorb water and nutrients much better via the unique exchanges between Rescaype® and plant roots.

Be aware of the fact that potted plants growing in Rescaype® treated soil might outgrow the space quicker than expected!

Ideal for

  • Nurseries
  • Flowerpot Cultivation
  • Hobbyist Gardeners
  • Parks & Recreation

Farmers or distributors be part of the solution