Land managers, farmers, and governments should be able to deliver safe foods from sustainable agriculture practices while maintaining a sound water management.

In addition, there is a problem that Agriculture emissions are greater than 80% unachieved, against required limits for 2030 (ESO: JRC2021)

The increasing cost of the world’s foot prices have made a gap on world agri-food markets that is just widening, and multiple studies have shown that soil erosion is without doubt detrimental to global food production, leading to huge concerns over access to food and water, worldwide.

Naturally there is new legislation, future and current, around soil and water in order to help not only to preserve but also restore the soil for future generations.

It is now time for action which is essential to the wellbeing of our planet and our own futures.

How Can We Help?

  • We need to lower the amount of fertilisers added to the soil
  • To keep our waterways free from chemicals originated from farming
  • Replenish and revitalise the soil
  • Adjust and deal with flooding and droughts
  • Repair and preserve the land for future generations.

By using Rescaype® in agriculture, farmers and land managers will not only gain personal yields but also be a part of something larger; the beginning of the solution.

What can Rescaype® do when applied?

Hold on to the smallest particles of soil structure and cluster them together in bigger particles to stop wind and water erosion.

Hold on to, and administrate the nutrients given by fertiliser, not letting them into waterways and coastal regions.

Hold on to the moisture in the soil, helping out if there is a drought, minimising plant stress.

Rescaype® will move in the soil and open up the soil so the roots easily can grow bigger and deeper as well as their interaction with mycelium in the soil.

The initial opening up of the soil means that microbes and worms start to further open up the ground around the plant roots allowing the plants to find more nutrients and water. It will also support the ground in being able to take on more water during rainfalls. The water and nutrients are delivered to the growing roots, leading to an increased yield to feed the population.

We aim to increase water penetration and so effectively save water; thus, less plant stress. Plus we minimise water and gas evaporation from open lands, which leads to a positive effect on global temperature change.

Rescaype® is Easy to Apply

Rescaype® is water-soluble and easily suitable for in-field dry spreading, wet boom spraying or drip irrigation. It is available in different sized powder(s).

Possible Application
Times & Options:

  • When preparing land
  • Through drilling
  • Use of plough or till
  • Other various applicators including spreaders and precision tools

What We Aim to Deliver for Farmers

  • Decreased amendments use
  • Decreased irrigation & run off
  • Decreased soil loss
  • Increased plant health/productivity
  • Decrease operations input
  • Carbon credit gain
  • Ability to access increased farming incentives (where available)
  • Increased biome presence
  • Solve plant-growth-inhibitation from sodium build-up in top soils

Farmers or distributors be part of the solution